Monday, July 25, 2011

Ice cream review: PET Neapolitan

Ice cream review by John
Score: 1.5 out of 5 scoops
Company: PET

As might be expected from a premium brand ice cream, this is not something an ice cream snob wants to eat, at least not on a regular basis. Still, this is not the worst ice cream I've ever tasted, and there was a level of creaminess to the texture and flavoring.

What you've got here are your basic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors, but don't expect these flavors to pack a punch. And if you were hoping for pieces of actual strawberries, you better break out a microscope.

Still, if you consider yourself a true ice cream connoisseur, then you probably need to stay away from this product. That being said, PET Neapolitan ice cream can be used to make a pretty good milkshake. Also, the price is fairly inexpensive and in certain parts of the U.S. PET ice creams are readily available just about everywhere, mainly in some regions of the South.

For kids' birthday parties and the like, this is the ice cream you want to buy. For special treats with that special someone on a special night, you can do much better.

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