Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ice cream review: Giffords Roasted Coconut

Ice cream review by John
Score: 4 out of 5 scoops
Company: Giffords

This was the first time I tried an ice cream from these Silver Spring, Maryland, folks, and I can't say I was disappointed.

What you've got here is a base made with a solid vanilla ice cream, then toasted coconut flakes strewn throughout. And it works. I'm a big coconut fan, so I was almost assured to like this ice cream, but I was surprised at the depth and richness of the coconut flavor without it going over the top. Too often coconut candies and ice creams suffer from either the coconut overtaking all other flavors or hardly being there at all, but in this instance the coconut flavoring was just right, mixing well with the vanilla ice cream to bring a delicious treat to your tongue.

I have to say this wasn't exactly the smoothest or creamiest ice cream I've ever had, but it was right up there near the top. I'll be giving other Giffords ice creams a try. I hope they're all as good as this one!

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