Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ice cream review: Blue Bunny I Do!, I Do! Wedding Cake

Ice cream review by John
Score: 4 out of 5 scoops
Company: Blue Bunny

When I'm really in the mood to splurge on some grande ice cream, I have to admit, Blue Bunny ice creams don't normally fit the bill for me. It's not that Blue Bunny is awful, because the company definitely makes some decent frozen treats, but when I really, really want something awesome, I usually turn to one of the higher-priced brands.

But I'm not sure I can think that way any longer.


Because of the new I Do!, I Do! Wedding Cake ice cream from Blue Bunny.

I still won't claim this flavor is equal to the best of the higher-end companies, but it's at least as good (if not better than) some of the middle-of-the-road flavors by the big boys.

And why not? Here you'll find sweet buttercream frosting flavored ice cream with raspberry sauce stripes and chunks of white cake.

Now, about each individual part of this ice cream:

First up, the sweet buttercream frosting ice cream. Uh, yeah, it tastes like buttercream frosting, really. It's not quite as cream as the real thing, but the flavor is just right without being overpowering. Here's a tip, though: If you want this ice cream to have a smoother texture and a creamier taste, let it sit out at room temperature for 10 minutes or so before trying.

Now about that raspberry swirl. It's good, darn good, and I'm someone who isn't a big fan of raspberries because too often (in my opinion) raspberry has a flavor that's much too tart for my liking. That's not the case here. Here you've got a nice, light, sweet raspberry swirl that mixes well with the other flavors to be found.

And last but not least, those chunks of white cake. They're pretty good stuff. Normally I want tons and tons of goodies added to my ice cream, but here I think too much of the cake pieces would have been over the top. That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of cake chunks here to be found, but there aren't so many as to take away from this ice cream's other elements.

All in all, the Blue Bunny folks have done themselves proud, and now I'll have to eat my words and eat more of their ice creams. If this is any indication of the direction this company is headed, then I'll be glad to ride along with them.

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  1. I know I love I do I do wedding cake! But I can never find it anywhere.