Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ice cream review: Front Porch Chocolate Rocker

Ice cream review by John
Score: 4.5 out of 5 scoops
Company: Front Porch

The Morrisonville Ice Cream Company of North Carolina has apparently been around for close to a century, but only recently has it been releasing ice creams to stores under the Front Porch label. A store in my area started carrying these ice creams a month or two back and since then I've noticed the ice creams popping up in other stores.

I admit I was skeptical at first. New ice creams always make me a little nervous. I guess I've been burnt too many times, though I'm always willing to try something new.

Since I decided to test out one of the Front Porch flavors, I thought I'd start with one I thought had an interesting name, "Chocolate Rocker."


Just ... wow!

You chocolate fans, you have to try this ice cream. It might be my new favorite chocolate-centric ice cream.

First you've got a chocolate ice cream base, and what a base it is! The chocolate ice cream part of this treat alone would be worth the price. But then you also get a fantastic swirl of creamy fudge that leaves your mouth watering. But wait, there's more! Mixed in with all this goodness are pieces of chocolate truffles that go crunch in your mouth.

I'm a person who likes textured foods, not just taste, so I was thrilled to discover this ice cream with its smooth fudge swirl and its truffles. Those truffles are like rich little brownie bites that are sort of spongy soft but also pack a bit of a crunch to them. It was a near perfect mixture of quality goodness for me.

This ice cream alone has sold me on Front Porch ice creams. I've yet to taste any of their other flavors, but even if I don't like any of them, I will always have Chocolate Rocker.

And what a name! It will definitely rock your taste buds!


  1. No Kidding. This stuff is awesome. I've tried 8 of the flavors so far - and the people at the local Teeter are starting to think I'm an icecreamaholic. Guilty as charged - oh well.

  2. Typo: It's "Mooresville Ice Cream Company" from Mooresville, NC. :o)

    (And, yes, the ice cream is delish!)

  3. The Sublime Keylime is to die for! It has an incredible smoothness and just the right amount of pie crust crunch. YUMMY!

  4. I tried Front Porch today. Served Creamy Lemon with my mother's gingerbread. It was worse than any store brand, especially considering the price. No lemon flavor at all. No one ate the ice cream. Very disappointing product. Will not be trying this brand again. Sad that I cannot support a local product.

    1. I thought the same thing. Sad that they are not consistent.

  5. Not only is this flavor amazing, but there's something about the airiness of the ice cream that doesn't fill me up. Which is good and bad I guess, because I tend to eat more at a sitting.

  6. I'm not sure the intention of ice cream has ever been to fill anyone up. Just have a little bit to satisfy your craving for sweetness and call it a day once your taste buds are happy.